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Kiwi Web Access file storage

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Created by Richard Casey, last modified by Laura C on May 22, 2018

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Updated July 21, 2016


This article provides brief information on the Kiwi Web Access using a separate file storage from the Syslog Manager application.


All Kiwi Syslog versions


The Kiwi Syslog Web Access writes the files to MS Access database files (Event.sdf) and as such the maximum storage available is 4 GB, this storage is searchable with the Web Access application.


The Syslog manager writes files to text files (default) or a separate ODBC database, these cannot be searched with either the Manager or Web Access application.


The Kiwi Web Access has two methods of controlling the syslog data,

  1. Maximum database size
  2. Maximum event age

In the Web Access console, select the Admin tab > Database Maintenance > Select Maximum Database Size (Default), to a maximum of 4096 MB or select Maximum Event age.



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