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Increase maximum message length for Kiwi logs

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Updated April 14th, 2016 


This article provides steps on how to adjust the settings when you are receiving oversized message and Kiwi does not show the complete message.


Kiwi Syslog Server version 9.x


Note: Before following the steps below, make sure that oversized messages are valid as Syslog Servers may crash when receiving large packets. You may want to check the device that is sending this oversize message.

You may increase the message length by following the steps below:

  1. Go to File > Setup > Modifiers.
  2. Click Increase Maximum message length.
  3. Enter the number of characters for the message length, up to 4096 bytes.
    Although Syslog RFC 3164 states that legal Syslog messages may not exceed 1024 bytes in length, this option limits the size of the packet that the program will accept and process.


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