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Active Directory Authentication settings for Kiwi Syslog Server Web Access

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Updated April 3rd, 2016


This setting will allow an administrator to configure the Active Directory Authentication for Kiwi Web Access. The AD user must use their Login ID as “domain\domain ID”. Kiwi Web Access will use the authentication through AD.


All Kiwi Syslog versions


Pre-requisite: The machine from where you will be accessing the Kiwi Web Server, needs to be joined to a domain before performing below steps:

1. Enter

Domain URL:
Enter the Active Directory LDAP URL.

Ex: ldap://DomainController:389/,dc=org




Authentication Type:
This setting determines how KWA Server is interacting with the Domain Server by using the Domain URL. If the field is empty, the application will treat it as ‘Secure’as default.


User Groups:
An administrator can restrict access to Kiwi Web Access to specific domain user groups. Multiple user groups can also be provided here (separated by a ";")


For example:
Domain (FQDN):
Authentication Type: <blank>, defaults to Secure
User Groups: Domain Admins


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