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Kiwi Web Access Performance

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Created by Dhalia Turiaga, last modified by MindTouch on Jun 23, 2016

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This article provides brief information and steps to avoid Kiwi Syslog performance issues and database corruption with web access. 

Reconfigure the Kiwi Syslog Server to limit what it inserts into the Kiwi Web Access database to syslog message with a priority of Warn or higher. As such, the SQL CE database will grow at a manageable pace.


Kiwi Syslog version later thank 9.4.2


1. Go to the Admin tab and decrease the maximum size of the database.

2. Go to the Settings page and decrease the number of rows per page to 25 rows or less.

3. Decrease the amount of data you are inserting into the database by adding filers to the same rule that contains the Log     to Kiwi Web Access Action.

4. Decrease the database size.



  • Log device syslog messages to separate directories based on source.
  • Reduce the amount of Rules/Filters/Actions you had as some proved to be unnecessary.



Note: If you are running on version later than 9.4.2, we have a known issue about CPU usage and session timeout and it is being fixed with 9.4.2 version.


Release notes for version 9.4.2



  • Added support on Windows Server 2012 R2 systems.
  • Kiwi Syslog Service startup issue on Windows 2012 Physical systems has been resolved.
  • Kiwi Web Access high CPU usage problem is optimized.
  • Kiwi Web Access session timeout issue has been resolved.
  • Added support to install Kiwi Web Access on FIPS enabled systems.




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19:49, 22 Jun 2016