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Add an action to log to the NT event log

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This feature is available only in the licensed version.

You can add an action to log messages to the NT application event log.

When you view the NT event log with the NT event log viewer, the log type is set to show System events by default. To show Application events, select the Application item in the Log menu of the NT Event viewer.

  1. Choose File > Setup to open the Kiwi Syslog Server Setup dialog box.
  2. Add or locate the rule that the action applies to.
  3. Right-click the Actions node below the rule, and choose Add Action.
  4. Replace the default name with a descriptive name. (The name does not have to be unique.)
  5. From the Action menu, select Log to NT event log.

  6. Specify the following options.

    Event log message type Select the logging level to be used for messages logged to the NT event log by this action.
    Insertion string options

    Select how messages are inserted into the Event Log:

    • Single insertion string

      %1 is replaced with: Date – Tab – Time – Priority – Tab – Hostname – Tab – Message

    • 5 Tab delimited insertion strings

      %1 Tab %2 Tab %3 Tab %4 Tab %5

      %1 = Date

      %2 = Time

      %3 = Priority

      %4 = Hostname

      %5 = Message

    • 5 Space delimited insertion strings

      %1 Space %2 Space %3 Space %4 Space %5

      %1 = Date

      %2 = Time

      %3 = Priority

      %4 = Hostname

      %5 = Message

  7. (Optional) Test the action.
  8. Click Apply to save the action.
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