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Scripting custom statistics fields

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Set the names and initial values of the custom statistics fields for use within the script files and statistics reports.

There are 16 custom statistics fields available for scripting use. These values are static and do not get erased with each new message like the other script fields do.

The custom statistics values can be viewed from the Statistics window under the Counters tab. The names for the fields that you have specified will be used in the statistics window and in the daily statistics e-mail report.

  1. Choose File > Setup to open the Kiwi Syslog Server Setup dialog box.
  2. Click Scripting.
  3. Specify the name and initial value.

    The initial values of the statistics counters can be set to any value you like. By default the values are all set to 0. If you want to create a decrementing counter then an initial value of 1000 for example can be set and then decremented by the run script actions.

  4. Click Apply to save your changes.

The names and initial values are applied when the program starts. To force the program to reinitialize the fields with these values, use the File | Debug options | Initialize custom statistics menu, or press Ctrl-F9 from the main syslog window.

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