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Announcing NCM 7.7
With NCM 7.7, you can examine the rules that make up an access control list for a Cisco ASA device. Then you can apply filters to display only rules that meet the specified criteria, order the rules by line number or by the hit count, and much more.
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Kiwi Syslog Security Service

Updated April 6th, 2016


When performing a network security scan, a vulnerability issue may be reported on the Windows registry key System\CurrentControlSet\Services\KiwiSysLogServer\SendData key, which is in the Network access: Remotely accessible registry paths and sub-paths policy object (Administrative Tools > Local Security Settings > Local Policies > Security Options).  

Note: On Windows XP, this security setting was called Network access: Remotely accessible registry paths.


  • Kiwi Syslog


The SendData key is required for successful communication between the service host and Kiwi Syslog and cannot be deleted. If the key is deleted, it will be recreated by the service host the next time the service host and Syslog interact. 





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