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FormatMessage failed with error 1815

Updated May 4th, 2016


This article describes an issue where you receive the following prompt when using SolarWinds Log Forwarder displaying the correct information: 

FormatMessage failed with error 1815 using Solarwinds log forwarder. 


Log Forwarder version 1.1.2


This is a locale related issue. Log Forwarder is getting wrong Language ID from OS and that blocks Log Forwarder to decode the event from Event log. The permanent solution is to allow the customer to configure the Local Language ID.


  1. Run > intl.cpl >Administrative tab.
  2. Change system locale > change to English (United States).


Another workaround is to use log forwarder version 1.1.19. 

Log Forwarder version 1.1.19 download link



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