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Enable HTTP to HTTPS redirection in Web Access

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Updated June 20th, 2016


This article provides steps to enable HTTP to HTTPS redirection when accessing Kiwi Syslog Web Access.


Kiwi Syslog version 9.x



  1. Enable SSL support for Kiwi Web Access.
  2. Once HTTPS listener is created, you will see two hosts added on the left side panel One for the default port 8088 and the other for the https (ex. 443).

  3. Create the redirector by opening Ultidev Web App explorer and selecting "Click to register new site or application with Ultidev." Select Redirection to a new site location.

  4. For HTTP Listen Address, click add and select "Specify hostname or IP address". You can add multiple items here, for example, the IP address and hostname of the machine and use port 8088.
  5. The next window will ask for the redirect URL ex. On the same window, enable "Redirect all source URLs to the one above" and also select the redirection type ex. permanent


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10:42, 20 Jun 2017