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Action - Log to NT Event log

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Created by Pamela Pineda, last modified by MindTouch on Jun 23, 2016

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This article describes logging the syslog message to the NT application event log whenever a message is received and passes the filters set above.


all Kiwi Syslog versions


The NT event log has five logging levels: Error, Warning, Information, Success and Failure.


Select a logging level from the drop down list. Messages will then be logged to the NT event log with this level.


Setting the log insertion type:


When the message is inserted into the Event Log it can be done in three ways.

The messages are logged as follows:

Single insertion string.

%1 is replaced with:

Date – Tab – Time – Priority – Tab – Hostname – Tab – Message


5 Tab delimited insertion strings

%1 Tab %2 Tab %3 Tab %4 Tab %5

%1 = Date

%2 = Time

%3 = Priority

%4 = Hostname

%5 = Message


5 Space delimited insertion strings

%1 Space %2 Space %3 Space %4 Space %5

%1 = Date

%2 = Time

%3 = Priority

%4 = Hostname

%5 = Message


Press the Test button to test the NT event logging action. When running on a non NT system like Windows 95/98, no message will be logged and an error message will appear.


Note: By default, when viewing the NT event log with the NT event log viewer, the log type is set to show System events. To show Application events, you need to check the Application item in the Log menu of the NT Event viewer.




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