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The TFTP Server Fails to Start

Updated May 2nd, 2016


The Kiwi CatTools server fails to start.


All Kiwi CatTools versions


There are two relatively common problems that can occur to prevent the Kiwi CatTools TFTP server from starting.

  • First problem is due to Port 69 being used by another TFTP server which causes TFTP Server to fail to start. 
  • Second problem is the failure to initialize TFTP Server.

This message indicates that the Kiwi CatTools component that provides the TFTP server could not start up. The most common cause of this is that the TFTP COM component is not registered on the system for some reason.

Note: Only one application can listen on a network port at any given time. If other applications are running on the computer and has already started listening on port 69, then it automatically serves conflict to Kiwi CatTool server as this port is the default TFTP server port. 


To resolve the issue you need to find out what other application is using port 69 and terminate it, or set the Kiwi CatTools TFTP server to not start automatically. You should also confirm that you do not have two instances of Kiwi CatTools running at the same time, both wanting to start the TFTP server.


To resolve this you can use the Windows Start/Run menu and type:  

RegSvr32 kiwitftp.dll.

If there are no other issues, you will get a message that indicates the dll has been registered and everything is fine.

However, the dll often will not register due to an underlying issue in the operating system. The kiwitftp.dll has a dependency on a Microsoft dll called ATL.dll. This is normally present and registered on the system. When it is not, the TFTP server dll cannot register and run.

To resolve this you first need to ensure ATL.dll is present on your system. If it isn't, you need to get one that is appropriate to the  operating system version. Then you use the Windows Start / Run menu and type:

RegSvr32 ATL.dll.


Once this has registered correctly, you can try registering the kiwitftp.dll. Once that registers correctly, the Kiwi CatTools TFTP server should run.

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