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Kiwi CatTools: Send troubleshooting logs to support if CatTools application crashes or has memory leak

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Updated May 30, 2018


This article guides you through the process of gathering logs and information if Kiwi CatTools crashes or has a memory leak to send to SolarWinds Support.

Note: Additional logs may be requested for further troubleshooting. 



  • Kiwi CatTools


If the Kiwi CatTools (KCT) application crashes or has a memory leak in Windows, gather and save the following information from your application to submit to SolarWinds Technical Support: 


  1. Save a screenshot of the issue experienced.
  2. Provide the specific time and date of when the issue started.
  3. Note if Kiwi CatTools working before the issue occurred.
  4. Any changes you made to the environment prior to the issue.
  5. The exact version of Kiwi CatTools installed. 
  6. The Operating System of the Kiwi CatTools server.
  7. Note if the issue has been replicated or if it occurs at random.
  8. If the error appears in your Event Viewer logs, gather a copy of the Kiwi CatTools error:
  9. Gather the System Information file (NFO) from your computer:
  10. (Optional) A copy of the Windows DXDiag logs:
  11. Gather Memory dump files caused by Kiwi CatTools, if available:
  12. Gather the following Text Document files in the C:\Program Files (x86)\CatTools3 folder:
    • InfoLog.txt
    • SendMailLog.txt
    • ActivityLog.txt
  13. Generate a Kiwi CatTools Diagnostic log from the console by navigating to File > Debug > Create diagnostics for Technical Support.
  14. Submit the gathered files and information for further analysis:

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