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Kiwi CatTools - Backup my device config using TFTP

Updated June 22, 2018


Kiwi CatTools includes a command activity called General.Backup Running Config which uses Telnet / SSH to collect configuration information from devices. The following article provides examples of how Kiwi CatTools can be used to backup devices using TFTP.


  • All Kiwi CatTools versions


  1. Create a new General.Enter command activity containing one of the following example commands on the Options tab.
  2. Replace the example IP address with the IP address of your TFTP Server.

Note: Kiwi CatTools provides a built-in TFTP Server.


Example for Cisco IOS

copy running tftp


Example for Cisco CatOS

copy config tftp %ctCR %ctCR %ctDeviceName.cfg %ctCR<nowrap/>


Alternate command for some CatOS versions

write %ctDeviceName.cfg %ctCR<nowrap/><nowrap/><nowrap/>


Note: To send a carriage-return, use the Kiwi CatTools variable %ctCR. See the CatTools help Activities chapter, "General.Enter command" section for more details about the Kiwi CatTools variables.


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