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Kiwi CatTools - Backup failing on HP5130 switch

Updated June 22, 2018


This article describes how to resolve the issue when Kiwi CatTools 3.10 is failing to back up HP5130 switch.


  • Kiwi CatTools 3.10


The HP switch uses different commands for backup.


  1. Create a new Generic device.

    1. Open the Device Wizard, or click Add in the Devices window.

    2. For Vendor, select Generic.

    3. For Device Type, select Generic.Device.

    4. Complete all required fields under the Device Info tab.

  2. Select the Passwords tab.

    1. Add a username and password for the device.

    2. Check Initial login Requires password.

  3. Select the Variations tab.

    1. Click Use Variations.

  4. Select the Prompts tab.

    1. Check Privileged prompt. Enter '>' in the field.

    2. Check Config prompt. Enter '>' in the field.

  5. Select the Additional Commands tab.

    1. Check Disable Paging. Set field to Screen-length disable.

    2. Check Show Running Config. Set field to Display-Running config.

  6. Save this device setup.


The backup will run successfully.

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