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Kiwi CatTools - Back up Cisco ASA via SSH

Table of contents

Updated September 29, 2016


This article provides steps on how you can backup your Cisco ASA device via SSH in Kiwi CatTools.


Kiwi CatTools version 3.11


  1. At the base of the device screen, select Add.
  2. In the Vendor field, select Cisco.
  3. In the Device type field, select Cisco FirewallASA.
  4. Select or enter a group for the device.
  5. Enter a name for the device.
  6. Enter the IP address. Select to Connect via Direct Connect and Method SSH2. The Port should auto set to 22.
  7. Navigate to the Passwords tab. Enter the enabled password, if required for your device. Enter the SSH username and password.
  8. Save and close the Add Device wizard.



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