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Import bulk devices in Kiwi CatTools

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Updated June 22, 2018


This section provides information on how to import bulk devices into Kiwi CatTools.


All versions of Kiwi CatTools


You can import a list of devices into Kiwi CatTools using a tab-delimited file:

  • Go to File > Database > Import Devices from tab delimited file. 


The Device import file format or template can be found in the CatTools online help article Import devices from tab delimited file.

You can also easily generate the correct import file format, by adding a few example devices to CatTools first and then export those devices to a tab-delimited file:

  • Go to File > Database > Export > Export devices to tab delimited file menu item.

The file created contains all the required fields you need to use in your import file for adding devices to CatTools.


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