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Back up different contexts on Cisco ASA

Updated: June 20, 2018



This article discusses how to back up the different Contexts on a Cisco ASA.


  • Supported versions of CatTools
  • All versions of Windows
  • All Cisco ASA devices with different Contexts


  1. To backup different context, a main device for the Cisco ASA and an additional Device for every context must be created.
  2. Use the same device type Cisco.Firewall.ASA for all of the devices.
  3. For the context-based devices, set them as follows:
    1. For Host Address, enter changeto {context name} or the command needed to change context.
    2. For ConnectVia, select the main Cisco ASA device.
    3. For Method, select Session.



  1. Setup your main device (for example: ASA-5545)

    • Name: ASA-5545-main

    • Hostname: <DeviceIP>
    • Connect via: Direct Connect
    • Method: as required
  2. Copy the main device
    • Name: ASA-5545-contextA
    • Hostname: changeto context contextA
    • Connect via: ASA-5545-main
    • Method: Session
  3. Run the backup activity. Ensure the context-based devices are selected as well.


For additional information, see Connecting via a session



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