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Kiwi CatTools Thread

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This article discusses about Kiwi CatTools thread.


All Kiwi CatTools versions


In Kiwi CatTools, a thread represents a separate session to a network device.

The more threads you have available, the more devices you can connect to at once and the faster each activity can be completed.

For example: If you have 500 devices to backup, using 1 thread would require Kiwi CatTools to connect to each device in turn and perform the backup activity. If each device took 1 minute to backup, it would take 500 minutes to backup all the devices.

If you used 10 threads, Kiwi CatTools will connect to 10 devices at a time and perform the backups. This would drop the total time taken for the activity down to 50 minutes.

  • The Enterprise Edition allows up to 30 threads per activity

Each activity allows you to choose how many threads you would like to use. By default, the activity will use the maximum number of threads available. You may choose to lower the number of threads for a particular activity to reduce the CPU load on the computer running Kiwi CatTools or the load on the network infrastructure.

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