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Click to filter the on-screen display of devices under the Devices tab.


This button pops up the "Database Filter" window:



In the "Filter details" box are several fields containing drop down lists.


In the first line of fields, the left-most field has two choices, "Include" or Exclude" Use this field to either include or exclude specific device types, names, or other properties as shown in the following fields.


The next field has four choices:

1. Group

2. Name

3. Host name

4. Type


By selecting these options, different sets of devices may be included or excluded from the device display.


The third field specifies which part of the Group or Name etc the filter will operate on, so it has three choices:

1. Contains - Any part of the name may contain the specified string.

2. Starts With - The start of the name matches the specified string.

3. Ends With - The end of the name matches the specified string.


The right-most field is for entering the specific string that you want the filter to match against the device name, or group, etc.


The second line in this box contains only a single field, which has three options accessed by a drop down list.


The first two options are simple Boolean operators used to combine filters, either by a logical AND operation or a logical OR operation.


The third option in this field is the "Top Only" option. This will display only the top-most device that satisfies the criteria entered in the first line of filter options.


The third line of fields in this box are identical to the first line, being used to create a second filter that can be combined with the first.


Using the "Favourite filters" box, you can save your filters for later use. These options are fairly self-explanatory:

The "Save As" button saves a new filter.

The "Save" button saves a changed filter to disk.

The "Load" button loads the specified filter from disk.

The "Delete" button deletes the specified filter.


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