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TFTP Server General Options

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To set general server options, choose Options >??Setup > TFTP Server >??TFTP Server General Options.

The following options are available:

Automatically start TFTP server on program startup:

Start the server automatically when CatTools starts.


TFTP Port:

Enter the port number the server listens on, normally 69.


TFTP Bindto:

Enter the IP address of a network interface card to bind to or leave it blank for the only or default card.


Upload folder:

This is the name of the folder that contains files to be uploaded to devices from CatTools.


Download folder:

This is the name of the folder that contains files downloaded from devices by CatTools.


Allow overwrite of existing files:

Tick this box to allow files currently in the folder to be overwritten by files of the same name.


Allow automatic creation of sub folders:

Tick this box to allow subfolders to be created automatically during a download.


Remove completed sessions from display after:

Remove the messages created from a TFTP session from the display tab after the specified number of seconds.


Maximum file size that can be created:

Set the maximum file size in MB that the server can create. The default is 20MB. TFTP clients may also have a limit to file size they can send. There appears to be a known limitation in some TFTP clients to a file size of about 32MB (which corresponds to using the standard protocol block size of 512 bytes).


However if your network and devices are capable of handling larger block sizes, then you may be able to create much larger files.

There are no options in CatTools to specify a block size to use; block sizes are negotiated between the TFTP Client and Server.


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