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Reporting problems

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Created by Caroline Juszczak, last modified by Caroline Juszczak on Jun 28, 2016

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When reporting a problem with CatTools, please ensure you provide as many details as possible.


If, for instance, you are getting an error logging on to a device, tell us what the actual error is that you are getting. An error message should be present in the infolog that describes the error.


It is very helpful to know what type of device the problem is happening to. CatTools supports a number of different devices that can exhibit very different problem behaviours.


If you are sending us your infolog.txt file it is very helpful to tell us the approximate time the problem occurred. It is easy for us to miss something when we are scanning a 50MB text file for an error message.


Please do not send us raw screen shots of messages or setup issues unless there is no other way of getting the information across. Mail servers often block this data, and they produce very big emails. Use the CatTools facilities on the File menu to provide us with the text information.


If sending data present in the infolog, please send the file itself as an attachment, zipped if it is large. Trying to copy and paste entries from the infolog into an email can produce some pretty garbled emails. We often need to see more of the infolog than is copied to the email as well to provide us with context.


Doing this allows us to answer your queries in the quickest time.


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