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How to: Upload Cisco IOS config from TFTP to device

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Created by Caroline Juszczak, last modified by Caroline Juszczak on Jun 28, 2016

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To illustrate how to upload an IOS to a device using the Device.CLI.Send commands Activity please refer to the following example:


Activity Options tab settings:


[X] List of commands to be entered on device:


copy tftp running                                                             (IP address of remote TFTP server)

%ctGroupName\%ctDeviceName-Config.txt         (Filename to store config to on server)

%ctCR                                                                           (Required to start device TFTP)


[X] Enter commands in enable mode


[X] Save device output to file [Specify the log file name here]


[X] Overwrite existing capture file


[X] Answer yes to any confirmation prompts


[X] Stop on error


Please Note :

%ctGroupName = Device Group Name

%ctDeviceName = Device Name

%ctCR = Carrage Return

  • The use of the backward slash in the filename to specify a subfolder within the TFTP Upload folder.
  • The use of the %ctCR variable to send a <CR> to the device to activate the TFTP session.
  • The Device.TFTP.Upload Config Activity could also be used to upload an IOS to a device.
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