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Meta Commands

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Created by Caroline Juszczak, last modified by Caroline Juszczak on Jun 28, 2016

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%Meta Commands are a subset of CatTools Meta Data.


They are used to tell CatTools to perform a piece of internal functionality at a particular point in an Activity.


Below is a list of the currently available Meta Commands.


Meta Command



Updates the CatTools Device table which holds the properties for each device.

See the Device Table section for a list of the device fields you can update.

%ctUM: EchoOff

Sets a flag so commands are sent without waiting for an echo back of the command.

%ctUM: EchoOn

Sets a flag so commands are sent and wait for an echo back of the command.

%ctUM: Timeout

Sets the maximum time to wait for the response to a command.

%ctUM: PauseTime

Sets a period to wait before sending a command.

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