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Time tab

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Created by Caroline Juszczak, last modified by Caroline Juszczak on Jun 28, 2016

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The Time tab lets you set up the scheduling of the activity.



You may select a Reoccurring schedule, or one that runs the activity at specific times.


Days of the week

You can select which days of the week you wish to run the activity on by checking/ticking the appropriate box.



You may select dates to startand end the running of an activity.

Custom schedule dates and times can be added, removed, or re-ordered using the Add, Remove, Move Up, Move Down, buttons.

You should exercise care when using this option:

  • If an activity won't start running after you have set it up, check that the current date is not before the Start date you have set.
  • If an activity stops running for some reason, check whether the current date is past the End date you have set.

Favorite schedules:

You can set up Favorite schedules that can be applied to different activities.

Once you have created a schedule you can save it using the Save As button, and re-use this schedule for multiple activities by Loading it as required.



Two options for monthly scheduling:

  • First day of the month
  • Every first selected day of the month

If an activity needs to be run on the 1st of February, then schedule the activity as below:



You can select the particular days of the week as in the example below:



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