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%ctUM Commands

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Created by Caroline Juszczak, last modified by Caroline Juszczak on Jun 28, 2016

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The %ctUM meta commands enable you to set various options for use in the Device.CLI.Send commands and Device.CLI.Modify Config activities.




%ctUM: EchoOff


Normally when commands are sent out, CatTools will wait for an echo of that command before proceeding. Some commands, however, will not produce an echo and so the activity will fail at this ??point. (Password changing activities are notorious for this.)


The %ctUM: EchoOff command will tell CatTools to send out any further commands in this activity without waiting for and echo.


%ctUM: EchoOn

Although in some cases it is necessary to switch of the echoing of commands it is advisable to switch echoing back on as soon as possible. By waiting for an echo of commands CatTools can better synchronise data sent and received from the device minimising the scope for errors.


The %ctUM: EchoOn command will tell CatTools to wait for an echo of any further commands during this activity.


%ctUM:Timeout xx


When waiting for a response to a command CatTools will wait for a default time of 30 seconds. Some commands on some devices will take longer than this to respond. The %ctUM: Timeout XX command allows you to specify the time to wait for a response for all subsequent commands for this activity.


For example you may want to set the timeout for the show version command to 50 seconds, to do this you would do the following.


%ctUM: Timeout 50

show version

%ctUM: Timeout 0


Note the use of the command with a zero value(%ctUM: Timeout 0) sets the timeout back to the default value of 30 seconds.


%ctUM:PauseTime xx


This will cause CatTools to pause for the specified time in seconds before issuing the next command. The maximum time that can be specified is 3600.


For example, the below commands will issue a ping wait for 50 seconds then issue another ping.



%ctUM: PauseTime 50


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