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Report.Compare.Running Startup

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The Report.Compare.Running Startup activity compares the running and the startup configs of your device(s) and reports on the differences found.


How it works

The activity works by first connecting to your selected device(s) then issuing the commands which will show the running and startup configs.

These are saved into the ClientTemp folder while the activity is running.

When the configs have been retreived from the device(s) a compare is run against the two captures and a report is generated. The compare process is very similar to the Report.Compare.Two files activity.


Report Generation

The reporting of any differences found can be any combination of the following three reports.


1) As with other Activities the Report File on the main Activity tab records a history of the jobs that have been run and their result.

2) An HTML report can be created which will allow you to see the differences between the two files next to each other in column format and is colour coded.

3) A txt file report can be generated which shows differences in top down format.


The two file paths are are capable of receiving Filename Variable parameters.


Note Not all devices currently support this activity. See the Devices supported list for more information.


For more information see Setting up the activity.

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07:20, 28 Jun 2016