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The Device.Update.Password activity enables you to change some of the passwords on devices.


Please note the current Devices supported by this activity.

You can change the Enable mode password, the Enable Secret password, the VTY password, and the Console password.

The options enable you to select which of the passwords you want to change, and to enter a new password for it. You can also

enter a blank password in the field for either of the Enable mode passwords. This enables you to reset the password to nothing.

NOTE: This is not an allowed option for the VTY and Console passwords.

A report gives you the status of each device selected for the activity after the activity is completed. The report shows both the new and old passwords. These passwords are shown by default in plain text on the report. You may elect to hide the reported passwords by selecting the Hide password change report passwords option in the Misc tab in the CatTools Setup dialogue.


For more information see Setting up the activity.

Last modified
07:20, 28 Jun 2016