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Install/Upgrade Kiwi CatTools

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This article discusses how to install or upgrade Kiwi CatTools.


All Kiwi CatTools versions


To avoid errors, review the minimum operating system requirements before upgrading your production CatTools installation.

While a typical upgrade takes approximately one minute to perform, this does not count the time required to first backup your system or perform upgrade validation testing. 

If the CatTools installation process detects an existing installation, the device and scheduled activities data is imported into the new version automatically when CatTools is first run. It is highly recommended that you run CatTools in application mode (not service mode) the first time after installing a new version in case a prompt is displayed regarding your upgrade. 

Suggested steps for a trouble-free installation:

1. Log into your machine with an Administrator level account.

2. Disable anti-virus software and close any non-essential applications. 

3. If upgrading, stop the existing CatTools Application or Service.

4. Make a full backup of your existing installation.

5. Ensure any custom device types have unique ID numbers.

6. Install CatTools on your machine.

7. Review the Readme.htm and RevisionHistory.txt files for additional installation information.

8. Start the new version in application mode the first time, then change to service mode if required.

9. If upgrading, test the your upgrade completed. 

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