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Back up different contexts on Cisco ASA

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Created by Chris Foley, last modified by MindTouch on Jun 23, 2016

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This article discusses how to backup the different Contexts on a Cisco ASA.


  • All versions of CatTools
  • All versions of Windows
  • All Cisco ASA devices with different Contexts


To backup different context, a main device for the Cisco ASA and an additional Device for every context must be created. Use the same device type Cisco.Firewall.ASA for all of the devices. For the context-based devices, set them as follows:

For the Host Address, enter changeto {context name} or the command needed to change context.
For the ConnectVia, select the main Cisco ASA device.
-For the Method, select Session.



  1. Setup your main device (e.g. ASA-5545)
    • Name: ASA-5545-main
    • Hostname: <DeviceIP>
    • Connect via: Direct Connect
    • Method: as required


  1. Copy the main device
    • Name: ASA-5545-contextA
    • Hostname: changeto context contextA
    • Connect via: ASA-5545-main
    • Method: Session


  1. Run the backup activity (ensure the "context devices" are selected as well)



More on all of this is found here:



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