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Uninstall IPAM from a server shared with other modules

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Updated January 12, 2017


This article provides steps to uninstall IPAM from a SolarWinds server that is shared with other modules.


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Important: Create a full database backup (SQL server) for SolarWinds (© 2017 Microsoft, available at, obtained on January 11, 2017.) before performing the following steps. 

Note: Your SolarWinds server will experience downtime during this procedure.

  1. If your SolarWinds server is a VM server, do a snapshot for safety purposes.
  2. Connect to the remote desktop of the SolarWinds server using LOCAL ADMIN.
  3. Go to Start > Search > Orion License Manager.
  4. Select IP Address Manager and click Deactivate.
  5. Go to Start > Control Panel > Program and Features.
  6. Locate IP Address Manager,  right-click and select Uninstall. This will uninstall the program.
  7. The configuration wizard will display. Complete the wizard until the progress bar starts.
  8. Orion services will be automatically restarted and restore your other SolarWinds applications to working state.


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