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Subnets failed to scan and SNMP credentials cannot be modified or deleted

Created by Matthew Lamb, last modified by Aileen de Lara_ret on Jul 22, 2016

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Updated July 22, 2016


This article provides brief information and steps to resolve the issue when subnets do not scan in manual or automatic modes, and the user is unable to edit or modify SNMP credentials. 

The issue is similar to IPAM scans not running, however the SNMP credentials under IPAM settings cannot be added, modified or changed. 

The IPAMBusinessLayer.log in the server shows the following:

2016-07-19 15:04:51,032 [94] ERROR SolarWinds.IPAM.ScanningEngine.ScanStateManager (null) - Unable to update database with subnet scanner state. Will wait 20 seconds then retry.
System.FormatException: Invalid length for a Base-64 char array or string.
   at System.Convert.FromBase64_Decode(Char* startInputPtr, Int32 inputLength, Byte* startDestPtr, Int32 destLength)
   at System.Convert.FromBase64CharPtr(Char* inputPtr, Int32 inputLength)
   at System.Convert.FromBase64String(String s)
   at SolarWinds.Orion.Security.CryptoHelper.DecryptShort(String encryptedText)
   at SolarWinds.Orion.Security.CryptoHelper.Decrypt(String encryptedText)
   at SolarWinds.IPAM.BusinessObjects.SNMPCred.FromDataReader(IDataReader reader)
   at SolarWinds.IPAM.Storage.DAL.SNMPCredDAL.Get(String SqlPostfix)
   at SolarWinds.IPAM.ScanningEngine.ScanInitializer.CreateSubnetScan(Int32 subnetId, PingSweepDhcpJobSettings& jobsettings, TimeSpan& timeout)
   at SolarWinds.IPAM.ScanningEngine.ScanStateManager.CreateSubnetScanJobSettings(IJobSchedulerHelper scheduler, ScanInstance instance, JobDescription& jobDescription, ScanState& state)
   at SolarWinds.IPAM.ScanningEngine.ScanStateManager.StartJobs(List`1 changeList, List`1 removeList)
   at SolarWinds.IPAM.ScanningEngine.ScanStateManager.Run()


IPAM version 3 or later



The issue is caused by a problem within the SNMP credentials for IPAM stored in the database. Either the credentials are corrupted or the settings for the credentials are invalid.

Example: A SNMP v1 credential has the AuthMethod and PrivMethod entries you will find for an SNMP v3 configuration


When the scan attempts to start, it will go to  the database to gather all the SNMP credentials for use during the scan. If that information does not match what it expects or the data is corrupted, the process cannot continue and job faults, causing it to try again and repeat until it is successful.



Note: You must have access to the database, whether from the Orion Database Manager or from the SQL Management Studio. 

  1. Stop all services on the Primary poller
  2. Open the database and a new query window.
  3. Insert the following query and execute it:
    delete * from IPAM_SnmpCred
  4. Restart services.

Verify if the scans are now running.


You should now be able to re-insert your SNMP credentials through IPAM Settings > Manage SNMP Credentials.



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19:20, 21 Jul 2016