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Manually entered data is deleted after a subnet scan

Created by Con Finucane, last modified by Brian O'Donovan on Aug 22, 2017

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If any IP in IPAM goes from Used > Transient > Available, all IP information is deleted by design. Manually entered changes to the data such as adding comments, etc will be removed as "Available" IP addresses do not have any data stored in them.


All IPAM versions


The IP address is marked as Used. If during the subnet scan the device does not respond to the pings, then IPAM will mark the device as transient as IPAM assumes that the IP address is not in use. After the Transient period, the IP address will be marked as Available.


When a IP address does not respond during a subnet scan, IPAM will mark the address as transient even when the address is marked as used. This is an expected behaviour. If you wish to mark an IP address as in use and to have this status retained, you should mark it as "Reserved" and IPAM will not change the status.


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06:19, 22 Aug 2017