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Unable to execute a query successfully found in IPAM 4.3 Hotfix 1

Created by Eric Bryant, last modified by MindTouch on Jun 23, 2016

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This article describes an issue when running either one of the queries found in the sql files located in HotFix 1 of IPAM 4.3. The following error is received:


Line 30, object name 'IPAM_DnsRecord' not valid.


IPAM 4.3 HotFix 1


This happens when the query is executed against the server and not against the database. 


  1. Open up SQL Management Studio.
  2. Expand Databases​.new query.JPG

   3. Right-click Orion database.

   4. Click New query.

   5. Copy the found query one by one found after extracting IPAM 4.3 HotFix 1 (IPAM_DNSMismatch.sql, Table_val_DNS_Mismatch.sql)

   6. Execute each query one by one.

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