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IPAM communicates with Windows DHCP servers

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Updated: November 7, 2016


This article explains how IPAM is able to communicate with Windows DHCP servers.


All IPAM versions


IPAM uses the Windows API to communicate with the DHCP servers. This is the same API that is used by the Windows DHCP Management Console. This is the same method in which the local DHCP console in Windows communicates with another DHCP server when snapped into the console.


Another important note is the credential used to communicate with the DHCP server within IPAM. For Windows based DHCP servers only, IPAM validates the credential before any DHCP poll by first attempting to authenticate the credential against the host server itself that IPAM resides on. If the credential does not have accurate rights to log onto the server IPAM resides on, then the communication with the DHCP server will not occur. You can find more information concerning this here.




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