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Additional Polling Engines and IPAM

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Created by Neil Agno, last modified by Nigel on Aug 13, 2018

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Updated: April 17, 2017


The following error message displays if you try to install the IPAM Poller package to an Additional Polling Engine:


Orion Already Installed.

SolarWinds Orion IP Address Manager Additional Poller Compatibility is already installed. To repair this installation, use the "Add or Remove Programs" control panel.



IPAM 4.5.2 and older

IPAM 4.6 has support for additional pollers.


The above error comes as the result of attempting to install the IPAM Poller installer package that can be found in the additional poller section of the customer portal. The error itself, however, can be rather confusing and requires additional explanation.

IPAM itself is a primary poller only based module, meaning that it is designed to only run and install on the Primary poller. Since IPAM is a module of the Orion suite, it does require (and come bundled with) the Orion Core application that is the backbone of the Orion suite.

The IPAM Poller package itself does not have the IPAM installer, but does contain the Orion Core installer that is bundled with the full IPAM installer package. This is required in the event that an IPAM upgrade moved up the version of Core on the Primary poller. This in turn causes the Core versions to be mismatched on the additional poller. Take, for example, the image below:



From the image above, the existing environment is UDT 3.0, IPAM 4.1 and Core 2012.2.2. The additional poller itself is at UDT 3.0 and Core 2012.2.2.

Point A indicates that IPAM is being upgraded on the Primary poller from 4.1 to 4.2. This in turn upgrades the Core version from 2012.2.2 to 2014.2.1. Now, however, the Primary's Core version does not match the Additional's Core version.

Point B is where the IPAM Poller install package comes into play. It, in turn, upgrades the Core version on the Additional poller to 2014.2.1, bringing both poller versions inline. At no point does it actually install IPAM on the additional poller, just Core.

In the future, the error message for the installer failure above will be corrected to better clarify what is already installed. In the meantime, however, please be aware that the error is actually indicating that a version of Core is already installed, not IPAM.


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