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Import data from the IP Address Tracker Free Tool into IPAM

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To import data from the IP Address Tracker Free Tool into IPAM:

  1. Install IPAM and the IPAT Free Tool in the same machine. For more information about installing IPAM, see Installing IPAM.
  2. Open the IP Address Management in IPAT and add a subnet.
  3. Copy the .IPDB file from the IPAT folder in C:\Program data x86\solarwinds (Windows 2008) and paste it in the IPAM folder in C:\Program Files x86\Solarwinds\Orion\IPAM.
  4. Open the Command Prompt.
  5. Go to: C:\Program Files\Solarwinds x86\Orion\IPAM> SolarWinds.IPAM.init.exe -import Overwrite -file "IPDB file name" and click enter
  6. Restart Solarwinds services by using the Orion Service Manager.

Note however that if this doesn't work, the recourse will be to manually add in the subnets and IPs manually or through import. Troubleshooting of IPAT is not supported.

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