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IP Address Manager 4.5 Release Notes



Last updated: 6-1-2017

These release notes describe the new features, improvements, and fixed issues in IPAM 4.5. They also provide information about upgrades and describe work-arounds for known issues.

For system, software, SQL database, and port requirements, see IPAM 4.5 system requirements.

New features and improvements

Read this section for descriptions of the new features and improvements IPAM offers in this release, or compare IPAM 4.5 with previous releases of IPAM.

IPAM 4.5 is an Orion Platform product, and consumes Orion Platform 2017.1.

Extended API support for IPV4

You can now integrate SolarWinds IPAM with 3rd party software programs. Use software, such as VMWare Orchestrator, Hyper-V Windows plugin, or Microsoft SharePoint workflow to assign IP addresses, view available IP addresses, or update an IP address status outside of the IPAM dashboard.

Administrators can now perform the following tasks remotely from 3rd party applications:

  • Update the status of IP Addresses in IPAM
  • Pull the first available IP Address for specific subnet in IPAM
  • Pull free IP Address and reserve/assign it in IPAM remotely
  • Create/update/remove DNS entries
  • Create new subnets in IPAM
  • Modify IP address properties

For more information see SWIS API to perform IPAM operations

Migrated to web-based Alerting and Reporting

IPAM 4.5 provides Orion web-based Alerting and Reporting. When upgrading to IPAM 4.5, any alerts and reports in the previous applications should import with web-based versions.

Access Alerts through Alerts & Activity > Alerts. To create and manage alerts, click Manage Alerts. You can create duplicates of existing alerts to modify as needed, including custom conditions, triggers, and actions. For details, see Use alerts to monitor your environment.

Access Reports through Reports > All Reports. To create and manage alerts, click Manage Reports. IPAM comes with a set of reports, and options to create dynamic reports with metrics and data collected over time. For details, see Manage reports in the Orion Web Console.

Note: If you have UDT installed on the same computer as IPAM, you must be using UDT version 3.2.4 or higher to use web-based alerting and reporting. For earlier versions, you can use the desktop-based Advanced Alert Manager or Basic Alert Manager.

Native SSL support for the Orion Web Console 

Seamlessly bind SSL certificates to the Orion Web Console and enable HTTPS connections using the Configuration Wizard. The Configuration Wizard scans the Orion server for valid SSL certificates that you can choose for the binding, or you can generate a self-signed certificate on the fly.

High Availability

This release of SolarWinds Orion Platform features almost instantaneous, automated failover to a secondary server to ensure continuous monitoring when a component failure occurs. SolarWinds High Availability (HA) provides failover HA for your environment maintained through the Orion web console. Easily create an HA pool, update your secondary server, and activate HA in your current Orion environment. 

text-document.png Read more about these changes.

Web-based License Manager

Easily add, activate, and manage Orion product licenses through the web-based License Manager. Accessing the License Manager on your main polling engine, you can monitor and update full product and evaluation licenses for your main poller, additional pollers, additional web servers, stackable pollers, and high availability pools all through one page. The License Manager also provides automatic online and offline modes for managing licenses. Add and manage evaluations with ease, including HA.

text-document.png Read more about these changes.

Web-based SSH terminal

Open an SSH connection to your devices using the Management resource of your nodes in the Orion Web Console. With a click, an SSH client opens a remote connection using the assigned poller as the jump host to the destination server, Linux host, switch, router, firewall, or other SSH-capable system.

Other improvements

  • Updated supported software versions: MS SQL 2016 and BIND 9.9+, BIND 9.10+, and BIND 9.11+.
  • Use the Critical node status to trigger an alert or filter data in a report. 
  • Set a custom node status to Critical or Warning using an alert action. 
  • Use the Web-based SSH client when FIPS is enabled.
  • IPAM 4.5 supports TLS 1.2. For details, see TLS compatibility with Orion Core Products.

New customer installation

For information about installing IPAM, see the IPAM Installation Guide. After installing, see the IPAM Getting Started Guide.

How to upgrade

If you are upgrading from a previous version, use the following resources to plan and implement your upgrade:

  • Use the Product Upgrade Advisor to determine your upgrade path. Based on your current environment and versions, the Product Upgrade Advisor provides an ordered list of how to proceed with the upgrade.
  • If you are upgrading:
  • When you are ready, download the upgrade package from the SolarWinds Customer Portal.

Fixed issues

IPAM 4.5 fixes the following issues.

Case number Description


Users do not see a spike in CPU usage after updating to the latest service release.


Clicking an icon in the Internet Explorer browser does not load blank page.

1033557, 1034977

All DNS servers display in DNS grid. 
N/A Collector Resolve polling plan works.

Orion Platform 2017.1 fixes the following issues.

Case number Description

A CPU utilization issue on multi-core nodes running Microsoft® Windows Server® 2008 R2 when using WMI or the agent polling method.

1083016, 1101815, 1100735, 


1085402, 1072560, 1098762, 1105707

Event resources cannot load for accounts with an alert limitation.

1031328, 1084354, 1076612, 1052668, 1061657, 1064635, 1106428, 1029471, 1037482, 1081073, 1090684, 1081073

Windows group accounts can still view hidden menu items.

1047577, 1052608, 1004357, 1021860, 1059768, 1085270, 1093656, 1108072, 1004525, 1017004, 1056172, 1064162, 1104495, 1093738

Custom time periods return incorrect results.

1080679, 1104953, 1031225, 1041708, 1009688, 1007586, 1074064, 1096297, 1085714, 1007856

The Manage Alerts page either constantly refreshes or becomes unresponsive.

1009412, 1076919, 1099060, 923828, 1091945, 1088802, 911654, 911553

Active Alerts page displays the wrong name if you edited the node while an alert was active against the node.

1042185, 1067502, 1068600, 1091904, 1063084, 1069179, 1040947, 1033595, 1080742, 1086148, 1095806, 1061524

Performance degrades when there are a significant number of dependencies and may not show in the list of managed dependencies.

1018900, 1082887, 1093696

Cannot remove nodes from the WorldMap resource.


Excessive database queries to sw_GetSettingsCurrentValue.

1044217, 1041096

Syslog messages are displayed for the incorrect node when the node has multiple IP addresses or if there are duplicated IP addresses assigned to different polling engines.


Agent polling stops for applications due to a memory leak.


SNMP traps cannot be forwarded due to incorrect MIB file.

903330, 1070593

Automatic dependencies are not created if the root node is included in a cluster.

1007751, 1076260

Network discoveries time out due to the JobEngineWorker2 process crashing.

1067984, 1065390, 1080128, 1083238

Alerts do not display in the Manage Alerts page.


Cannot change Volume Properties when the warning threshold is greater than the critical threshold in the Polling Setting page.


The Upgrade Buddy tool sends false alerts during upgrades.

1080766, 1009082, 1019843, 1042578

Nodes using SNMPv3 credentials are duplicated during an upgrade.

1079813, 1061559

The Custom Property Editor modifies all objects instead of the selected objects.

1079825, 942110, 1068317, 971740, 1034431

The Orion Web Console is slow or alerts do not display due to the SolarWinds Information Service process using up to 4 GB before timing out.

1070330, 1071035, 1074365, 1070330, 1074365

Dependencies are missing from the Orion Web Console after an upgrade.


Expanding groups in the All Groups resource takes approximately 10 seconds to expand each group.

1068892, 1068879, 1067676

The Web-based SSH client does not accept user names with special characters in some browsers.

1011854, 1063374, 878151, 1036003, 1048166, 807337

Trigger conditions are missing and you cannot edit some alerts after an upgrade.

1030540, 1044126, 1068031

Network Atlas and the Orion Web Console are slow to load or stop working due to the SolarWinds Information Service using excessive amounts of memory.


The Orion-Detailed-Alert trap template contains deprecated variables.


The DiscoveredItems variable does not resolve.

1059844, 1020832, 1018423

The Log Alert to File action does not appear to work due to an encoding change after an upgrade.


The Last XX Syslog Messages resources cannot be filtered by a custom property.


The alert history table includes entries outside of the retention period.

1047190, 1059644

Port 5672 accepts unencrypted AMQP connections.

1010691, 1035604, 1027737, 1046224, 1038711, 1049203, 1052486

Receive "Error querying ServiceNow Instance Instance can be offline or not properly configured" when creating a ServiceNow alert action.


Network Atlas does not load.

1062326, 1052508

ServiceNow fields display the wrong language.


ServiceNow integration does not support integer columns.


The Managed Nodes resource does not load when the vend contains a single quote.

1031243, 1042023

When you duplicate a scheduled report, the report email is sent for each duplicated report.


Custom node thresholds does not affect how the threshold displays in tooltips.

1012913, 1014784

Topology calculations do not complete and may not display topologies in Network Atlas.


Custom Charts do not retain changes to the title or subtitle.

1008665, 1015965

Receive a website error when viewing the Transaction Details page and Step Details page when there are alert resources included.


Users with node limitations cannot add SNMPv3 nodes.



The All Groups resource collapses expanded groups.


Syslog message resources do not apply filters.


The All Nodes Tree resource does not load if there are NULL values in the node data.


The Scheduled Discovery Results cannot be viewed after the first 1000 results and cannot be grouped by date found.


Cannot authenticate SMTP credentials when special characters are included in the password.

943161, 875757, 809390

Cannot list resources on a device when TLS 1.2 is enforced and the Orion Web Console may be blank.


Agents do not automatically restart and return a "Job failed to execute" error on applications polled with agents.


Linux-based computers with multiple volumes mounted to the same mount-point do not resolve correctly.


Configured agents cloned from a Gold Master Image do not register with the Orion server.


When a service is listed in the registry or whitelisted, but not present on a computer that is highly available, the computer fails over to the backup computer and may constantly failover or not start.

901072, 1074013, 1028900, 1007379, 1029938, 1043849, 1051019, 1063406, 1078861, 1103781, 

1107207, 1107944, 1134456, 1054772, 1123866, 1007379, 1070626, 1074013, 1081866, 1079150, 1116768, 1125380, 1086292, 1094598, 1100915, 1024863, 1063406, 1007379, 1043849, 1078861, 1109430

The SolarWinds Job Engine crashes with high resource utilization errors.

Orion Platform 2016.2 fixes the following issues.

Case number Description

1015439, 1017699, 1017652, 1015588, 1015552, 1015299, 1014989, 1016095, 1015662, 1016127, 1015267, 1016112, 1015219, 1016099, 1016280, 1016927, 1015177, 1015174, 1015614, 1016588, 1016630, 1016609, 1016610, 1015431, 1015014, 1015548, 1015506, 1016500, 1016384, 1016208, 1015385, 1015627, 1015516, 1015412, 1016247, 1016175, 1015390, 1015349, 1015345, 1015306, 1015749, 1015526, 1015466, 1015396, 1015561, 1015783, 1015356, 1015647, 1015661, 1015564, 1015571, 1015595, 1015570, 1015652, 1015606, 1015061, 1015380, 1015424, 1015454, 1015460, 1015364, 1015457, 1015413, 1015016, 1015386, 1014969, 1015261, 
1043147, 1016982,


The Worldwide Map resource displays without the Mapquest notifications.

920560, 1013825, 1052808, 

Alert actions trigger when you choose to alert only when multiple objects meet the trigger conditions at the same time.
1003653, 1011487, 1005787 You can open the Orion Web Console shortcut as a non-administrator.
1012549, 1040462, 1042804 You can edit multiple nodes' properties without impacting the saved SNMP v3 credentials.

The Top CPU by Percent resource shows data for Cisco ASR 9010 devices.

1005743 Custom SQL filters are not case sensitive.
1003655, 1000374

The Configuration Wizard now installs all services and the Orion Web Console loads after an upgrade.


Menu bars are not sent when emailing a report as HTML.

990493, 1039347 Duplicate and edit alerts with reset actions.

You can view graphs in scheduled reports after you configure the Orion Web Console for SSL.

1029471, 1037482 Restrict access to areas of the menu bar and views.

You can select Default for Object type in Network Atlas.


Filter the "Top XX Volumes by Disk Space Used" resource by caption.

873578, 861900

Improved how charts and graphs are displayed in the PDF output of reports.

1016211, 1004847, 1009082, 993024, 100588, 1012554 Improved upgrading with saved SNMP v3 credentials.
1003240 Top navigation menu in NOC views does not overlap with the view content.
992570, 1038932, 1025297 When integrating SolarWinds products with ServiceNow, alerts generate correctly without object reference errors.
1045304, 1015785 The Orion Web Console does not hang when managing alerts or alert maintenance.
989718, 1000003, 1003398, 1008094, 1015258, 1038560, 994777, 1004330, 843652

Send multiple reports at the same time and send reports that were copied and modified from another report without errors.

1028086, 1005787, 1003653, 1011487, 1016920 You can install and open the Orion Web Console from the shortcut without the following error: "The credentials supplied to the package were not recognized."
1020916 Web pages sent through the Email A Web Page alert action are sent as a PDF to preserve the same styling and appearance as in your browser. 
1012349 Use the "Time of Day" and "Hour of Day" options to restrict the report to business hours.
1015855 Improved the UI around the Time of Day portion of alert actions.


Known issues

Issue: Main Functionality of IPAM is broken in Japanese local under IE11

Work-around: No current work-around. 

Issue: IPAM security issues—cross side scripting, cross frame scripting, and weak hash algorithm

Work-around: No current work-around. 

Issue: Duplicated records in SWQL query from IPAM.Subnet entity

Work-around: Change the query from SELECT to SELECT DISTINCT. For the failed queries, try adding "ORDER BY 1" to the end of the query.

Issue: Wrong number of used IP addresses at license details page

Work-around: See this KB article.

End of support

See End of Life Policy for information about end of life and end of engineering for SolarWinds products.

EoL Announcements EoE Effective Dates EoL Effective Dates
IPAM 4.0  June 2, 2017 June 2, 2017


For information about supported versions of SolarWinds products, see this article.

This version deprecates the following hardware, software, and features. 

Deprecation indicates that the feature should be avoided. Deprecated features remain in the software, but will be removed in a future release. Customizations applied to a deprecated feature may not be migrated if a new feature replaces the deprecated one.

Type Deprecation
Microsoft SQL Server

Support for SQL 2008 and 2008 R2 is deprecated as of this release.

You can install on SQL 2008 and 2008 R2 for this release. Future releases will no longer support using SQL 2008 or 2008 R2 as your database server.

SolarWinds recommends that you upgrade directly to SQL 2016 at your earliest convenience.

Microsoft Windows Server

Support for Windows Server 2008 R2 is deprecated as of this release.

You can install on Windows Server 2008 R2 for this release. Future releases will no longer support installing on Windows Server 2008 R2, though you can continue to monitor computers running Windows Server 2008 R2.

SolarWinds recommends that you upgrade to Windows Server 2012, 2012 R2, or 2016 at your earliest convenience.

32-bit Operating Systems

Support for 32-bit operating systems is deprecated as of this release.

You can install on 32-bit operating systems for this release. Future releases will no longer support installing on 32-bit operating systems.

SolarWinds recommends that you upgrade to Windows Server 2012, 2012 R2, or 2016 at your earliest convenience. This includes your SQL server.

Export to PDF feature The Export to PDF button on dashboards is deprecated as of this release and will be removed in a future release. SolarWinds recommends that you use the Save as PDF functionality built into your browser.
Alert Manager The deprecated Alert Manager application has been removed from the Orion Platform. Use the web-based Alert Manager through the Orion Web Console to create and manage alerts.
All Active Alerts resource The current  All Active Alerts resources is deprecated as of this release. The resource will be replaced with a new, enhanced version in a future release.


Legal notices

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