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Add DNS and DHCP servers to SolarWinds IPAM

Updated: June 1, 2017

IPAM integrates DHCP and DNS management with IP address management into one interface. Add a DNS server to manage a database of public IP addresses and add a DHCP server to track and assign your IP addresses.

Before you begin:

Bind DNS translates domain names into IP addresses. IPAM supports Bind DNS 9.1 through 9.11X.

Add a DNS server

A DNS server translates your numeric IP addresses to domain names and host names. When a domain name is called, IPAM scans all DNS servers to search for its IP address. This example adds the DNS server EASTADDS01V.

  1. Click My Dashboards > DHCP & DNS Management.
  2. Click Add New and select DNS Server.
  3. Select a DNS Server. Use the Group By menu to sort DNS servers.


  4. Select Inherit credentials from the Orion node.


  5. Click Test.
  6. Select Enable Scanning to enable incremental DNS Zone transfers.

    IPAM scans the DNS server for new zones and settings based upon the interval time.

  7. Click Add Server.


The DNS server is added to the DHCP & DNS Management page and is scanning domain and host name exchange activity.


Add a DHCP server

Add a DHCP server to manage scopes and IP address leases. A scope is a range of IP addresses that the DHCP server leases to clients on a subnet. This example adds the DHCP server EASTADDS01V.

  1. Click My Dashboards > IPAM Summary.
  2. In the Getting Started with IP Address Management box, click Add DHCP Server.
  3. Select EASTADDS01V from the Choose DHCP Server drop-down menu.


  4. Select a credentials type, and enter the credential name, user name, and password for that credential.
  5. Click Test.


  6. Select your default DHCP Server Scan Settings, and click Add DHCP Server.


The DHCP Server is added to the DHCP & DNS Management page and is scanning IP address and scope lease activity.


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