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Add discovered devices to SolarWinds IPAM

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Updated: June 1, 2017

After the Network Sonar wizard discovers your network, the Network Sonar Results wizard opens, enabling you to import network elements into the SolarWinds Orion database. Discovered elements do not count against your license count; only elements that you import into the Orion database count against your license.

When you manually run discovery, by default, the system automatically selects all network elements to be monitored. You must clear the check boxes for elements you do not want monitored.

Before you begin, ensure that you Discover your network.

If you are discovering your network for the first time, SolarWinds recommends that you monitor a small number of devices.

After you discover your network, the Network Sonar Results wizard opens. Use the wizard to select which devices you want to monitor.

  1. Ensure that only the device types you want to monitor are selected, and click Next.


  2. If the Ports tab is available, select your ports, and click Next.

    The Ports tab is available if you have User Device Tracker (UDT) installed.

  3. Ensure the volume types you want to monitor are selected, and click Next.

    SolarWinds recommends that you do not monitor compact disks or removable disks.


  4. Review the list of elements to be imported, and click Import.


  5. When the import completes, on the Results panel, click Finish.
  6. Click My Dashboards > IPAM Summary to begin exploring your network.
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