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DHCP options

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IPAM supports the majority of DHCP scope options defined within the RFC 2132 standard. You will see these options when you are adding a scope in the options wizard. It's the 4th step in the process when adding a DHCP Scope.



The available options vary based on vendor. The options can be selected by clicking Add.


A list of available options will display as follows:




Setup Voip Options (66 & 67) on your scopes.

Unsupported DHCP Options

Microsoft Windows Options

The following options are unsupported:

  • 39 TCP Keepalive Data
  • 58 Renewal Time Value
  • 59 Rebinding Time Value
  • There is no UI option to create option 58 & 59 on a Windows DHCP server.
  • Options 58 and 59 cannot be set directly, they are simply a function of lease time(option 51).
  • Option code 39 only works with Windows2003 devices.

Cisco Options:

  • 12 Host Name
  • 50 Address Request
  • 52 Overload
  • 53 DHCP Msg Type
  • 54 DHCP Server Id
  • 58 Renewal Time
  • 59 Rebinding Time
  • 61 Client Id
  • 67 BootFile Name

For more information:

For more information:

ISC Options:

  • 50 Address Request
  • 53 DHCP Message Type
  • 54 DHCP Server Identifier
  • 56 DHCP Message
  • 58 Renewal Time
  • 59 Rebinding Time
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