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Automatic Subnet Discovery Wizard

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Created by Nanette.Neal, last modified by Nigel on Mar 16, 2018

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Automatic Subnet Discovery scans selected routers for IPv4 subnets and their IP Addresses and imports them into IPAM.

This automatic process eliminates the need for any manual entry or the importing of IP Address spreadsheets.

In case you want to scan routers that are not monitored nodes simply enter their IP Addresses into the wizard.

Using Automatic Subnet Discovery to Import IP Addresses

Subnet Discovery is located on the IPAM Settings page and can be accessed from the What's New Resource.


  1. Select nodes to scan. You can accept the Default Gateway or manually add routers as needed.
  2. Click Add/Edit SNMP Credentials that are used in your network.
  3. Adjust the Discovery Settings sliders as needed for Hop Count and SNMP Timeouts.
  4. IPAM provides options to organize subnets to existing folders in the Edit screen of subnet results page before importing the discovery results.

IPAM polls the subnets using the devices routing tables.

Images of the Discovery Wizard

OIDs used during discovery and device polling.

Name OID
The SNMP walk should return value of 1 for OID
How are Hops handled?

IPAM scans the default gateway and any other selected routers within the range of hops you determine.



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