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Importing IPs and subnets from the SolarWinds Engineer's Toolset

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Created by Nanette.Neal, last modified by Nanette.Neal on Jul 14, 2016

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To import subnets and IP Addresses from the Engineer's Toolset:

  1. Locate the Toolset IP Manager database on your Toolset server.  
  2. Copy the Toolset IP Address Manager db to an appropriate location on your Orion server.
  3. Open a Command Prompt on the Orion server.
  4. Enter CD :\ProgramFiles\SolarWinds\Orion\IPAM.
  5. Enter "NET STOP ''SolarWinds Orion Module Engine".
  6. Enter SolarWinds.IPAM.Init.exe  -import <Fullpath to your Toolset IP Address Manager database>.
  7. Enter NET START "SolarWinds Orion Module Engine".

The Toolset IP Address Manager database has an .ipdb extension.

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