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Using Report Writer

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Created by Nanette.Neal, last modified by Nanette.Neal on Jul 25, 2016

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Before using Report Writer, you must have collected at least a few minutes worth of data in a database populated with devices you want to monitor. A variety of reports are included with Report Writer, and icons that precede report names distinguish available report types. The following procedure starts Report Writer.

To start Report Writer:

1. Click Start  > All Programs > SolarWinds Orion > Alerting, Reporting, and Mapping > Report Writer.

2. Click File > Settings.

3. In the General tab of the Report Writer Settings window, select either of the following as a default viewing mode:

  • Preview displays the report as it will appear in printed form. For more information, see Preview Mode.
  • Report Designer is the report creation and editing interface. 

Note: You can toggle between Preview and Report Designer modes at any time by clicking Preview or Design, respectively, on the toolbar.

4. If you want to separate the data for individual network objects with horizontal lines, click Report Style, and then check Display horizontal lines between each row.

5. Click OK to exit Report Writer Settings.

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14:13, 25 Jul 2016