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Searching for IP addresses

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Created by Nanette.Neal, last modified by Nanette.Neal on Jul 14, 2016

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The IPAM Search feature provides the ability to search for all of the IP Address resources existing within the IPAM database. The following table provides the available search criteria.

Search Criteria


All Fields

This field will search all search criteria fields


Search by the address alias


Search for a specific comment


Search for a contact name


Search using the DNS

Group Description

Search by a group/subnet+ description

Group Name

Search by a group name


Search by Hostname

IPv4 Address

Search for a IPv4 formatted addresses

IPv6 Address

Search for a Dual Stack IPv6 addresses

MAC Address

Search by a specific MAC address

Machine Type

Search by the machine type

Scope Name

Search by scope name


Search by status; Used, Available, Reserved, Transient

System Description

Search by system description

System Location

Search by a physical location

System Name

Search by system name


Search by vendor


Search by VLAN ID

Custom Property

Search by an existing custom property

The following procedure details how to use the IPAM search resource.

To search the IPAM table of your Orion database:

  1. Click IP Address Manager in the Menu bar.
  2. Under the Search for IP Address dropdown you can check the criteria relevant to your search.
  3. Type a string or IP address, and click Search.

Wildcards (*,?) are permitted, as shown in the following examples.

Cisco*, 10.15.*.*, Windows, Server-*, *

IPAM queries the IPAM table of your Orion database and displays a list of IP addresses matching the provided criteria. Each IP address is listed, in numerical order, with the following user selected information, if available:


Clicking any listed IP address opens the IP Address View for that IP address. From the IP Address View you can edit properties and set the status of the selected IP address. For more information about the IP Address View, see Understanding the IP Address View .

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