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Editing IP address properties

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Created by Nanette.Neal, last modified by Kevin.Kessler-ret on Oct 25, 2017

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IPAM can store a wide array of information about the devices to which IP addresses are assigned. The following table lists the properties IPAM can record in the IPAM table of your Orion database.

IP Address Properties



IPv6 Address

Last Credential

Last Response Time

Last Synchronization

MAC Address

Machine Type

Node Alias


System Contact

System Description

System Location

System Name



Device Status


Lease Expiration

Scanning Status

Node Alias

You can edit IP address properties directly from the IP Address View, including custom properties, on the Manage Subnets and IP Addresses page. The following procedure provides the steps required to edit the properties of an IP address within a defined subnet.

If a defined subnet contains more than 4096 IP addresses (lower than /20 or mask), IPAM only displays IP addresses in previously added ranges. For these larger subnets, you must add IP address ranges for monitoring before IPAM can display addresses that may be managed.

To edit an IP address within a defined subnet:

  1. Click IP Address Manager in the Menu bar.
  2. Click Manage Subnets & IP Addresses tab.
  3. Click the subnet containing the IP address you want to edit in the left tree pane.

    For subnets with more than 4096 IP addresses (lower than /20 or mask), the right pane will display No IP addresses have previously been added unless you have already added a range of IP addresses within the selected subnet.

  4. Check the IP address to edit in the in the right IP Address view pane.
  5. Click Edit and then select or provide appropriate values for each listed IP address property.

    If you have defined custom fields for IP addresses, they are available for editing. For more information about configuring custom fields in Orion IPAM, see Creating and Configuring Custom Fields.

  6. Click Save when you have completed configuration of IP address properties.

    Selecting the Scanning option to Off will not modify values normally overwritten by network scanning.

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