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IPAM licensing

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Created by Nanette.Neal, last modified by Nanette.Neal on Jul 12, 2016

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IPAM is licensed in accordance with the number of IP addresses you manage in one of three statuses: Used, Reserved and Transient. Unused and available IPs do not count towards managed IP count. IPAM licensing works in the same way for both IPv4 and IPv6. The following licensing tiers of IPAM are currently available:

  • IPAM IP1000 for managing up to 1024 managed IP addresses.
  • IPAM IP4000 for managing up to 4096 managed IP addresses.
  • IPAM IP16000 for managing up to 16384 managed IP addresses.
  • IPAM IPX for managing an unlimited number of managed IP addresses.

For DHCP & DNS Nodes:

  • IP1000 = 1000 Nodes
  • IP4000 = 4000 Nodes
  • IP16000 = 16000 Nodes
  • IPX = Unlimited Nodes

IPAM allows you to designate managed IP addresses for management up to your license limit using any of the following methods:

SolarWinds does not recommend managing more than 1 million addresses per installation.

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