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IPAM IP Address conflict - HSRP


After upgrading the Orion environment with IPAM 4.0, the system is reporting some IP Conflict Alerts or Events on your HSRP (Hot Standby Router Protocol) that should not apply. 

The IP address is in conflict.
The following devices were detected on network with same IP address: PingSweep vs Neighbor data (MAC: 10-8C-CF-20-08-41, MAC: 00-00-0C-9F-F3-CA)


IPAM 4.0



There are two options you can try to work around having the HSRP IPs from alerting: either through direct IP filtering or through a group.


Individual IP:
By adding an additional simple condition to the trigger condition for the alert to specify the IP address is not equal to the one you want to exclude, you'll be able to disable the alert for that IP address. 



The same thing can be achieved in later versions of IPAM using Web Based Alerting by adding the following condition:


Bulk IP:

You can also add in a trigger line based off a common component amongst many IPs, not just an individual IPs. By adding into the Comment sections of multiple IPs, you join them into a common possible grouping that can be considered for grouping. 


One of the new features with IPAM 4.0 is the IP Address Conflict. This conflict message verifies IP conflicts based off the MAC address results of an IP from multiple sources. If 2 ore more different IP sources report different MACs for the same IP: then it is flagged as a conflict. A specific IP address is configured as a gateway address for a vlan on multiple Cisco switches with the HSRP (Hot Standby Router Protocol) (Cisco proprietary redundancy protocol i.e. vrrp). Because of this setup there are multiple MAC addresses that are using the same IP address.


Unfortunately on an HSRP IP, it will always flag it as a conflict due to the nature of an HSRP. This feature cannot be surpressed, disabled or configured. The best option is to either remove other potential sources of polling for the IP in IPAM and\or configure alerts as above to not alert on such IPs.


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12:52, 12 Jul 2017