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How to set an alert for an IP address status change

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Updated December 6, 2017


This article provides guidance on how to set up an alert that triggers when an IP address changes status. To create such an alert, you need to use a custom SQL alert that allows you to query the view IPAM_NodeReportView.


  • All versions of IPAM


  1. In the Orion Web Console, click Alerts&Activity > Alerts.
  2. Click Manage Alerts > Add New Alert.
  3. Set the Alert Properties, and click Next to access the Trigger Conditions.
  4. In the "I want to alert on:" drop-down menu, select Custom SQL Alert (Advanced).
  5. In the "Set up your SQL condition" drop-down menu, select IPAM Nodes.


  6. Enter the following commands in the text box under Set up your SQL condition:

    WHERE ipnodeid in (

    SELECT a.ipnodeid

    FROM IPAM_IPHistoryReport a





    max(IPAM_IPHistoryReport.Time) as tt

    from IPAM_IPHistoryReport

    Group by ipnodeid

    ) b

    on a.IPNodeId=b.IPNodeId


    where a.FromValue='Available' and a.IntoValue='Used')

    • To alert on all IP addresses that have changed from Available to Used, you need the values from the 'FromValue' and IntoValue' fields.
    • Using only WHERE FromValue ='Available' and IntoValue='Used' will trigger the alert on any IP address that had ever gone from Available to Used, regardless of when this happened.
    • You need to limit the scope of the alert to the most recent record for each IP address, selecting the maximum time for each IP address.
  7. Click Next and set up the rest of the tabs in the alert manager.





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