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SolarWinds SNMP Walk tool

Updated 28th Nov 2018


Troubleshooting issues may require the collection of SNMP walks. This article discuses a SolarWinds tool that simplifies the process of collecting SNMP walk data.

Users often need to gather an SNMP Walk from a customer's device in order to troubleshoot an issue further.
Rather than relying on third-party tools for this, we have an easy to use, lightweight tool included within Orion, and is available to download by customers (for use with older releases).

To see a short video on collecting MIB Walk Data using the SolarWinds SNMP Walk Tool, go here.


Our latest version of Orion ships with a MIB walk tool.

Located in the following directory:

This is also a useful tool for testing and confirming SNMP connectivity to a device.
The SolarWinds SNMP Walk tool is available at: SolarWinds SNMP Walk.


  • Easy to use - Windows GUI
  • Flexible – No installation required
  • Reliable – Improved support of devices that have some issues in SNMP implementation

Known limitations:

  • IPv6  is currently not supported (will be added soon).
  • SNMPv1 is currently not supported (will be added soon).
  • SNMP v3 Context configuration is not supported (could be added if there is a demand).
The default location of the SolarWinds SNMP Walk tool is C:\Program Files (x86)\SolarWinds\Orion\SnmpWalk.exe

External Customer download link:

Steps to use

  1. Log in to the polling engine polling the device.
  2. Open C:\Program Files (x86)\SolarWinds\Orion and run SNMPWalk.exe
  3. Enter IP address of Node, Community String, SNMP Port, SNMP version and if using SNMPv3, enter the SNMPv3 authentication details. The details used should be the same as used in Orion to monitor the device.
  4. Click Scan and then save the resulting text file.
  5. Review the OIDs returned from the device and the values for the OIDs.
  6. Compare the OIDs supported by the device against those Orion polls and compare the values returned to those reported in the Web console. 





Note: There is a version of the SNMP-walk that does not need to be installed on the NPM box.
This is available Internally if needed. 


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