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Firewall Security Manager Third-Party Software List

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Component License
Javamail Oracle Binary Code License for Java EE Technologies
JavaBeans activation Framework Oracle Binary Code License for Java SE and JavaFX
Browser.jar LGPL 2.1
hibernate LGPL 2.1
iText LGPL 2.1
jFReeChart LGPL 2.1
jCommon LGPL 2.1
JavaService LGPL 2.1
Syslog4j LGPL 2.1
JayBird LGPL 2.1
Orangevolt Ant Tasks LGPL 2.1
Jasper reports LGPL 2.1
Java Native Access LGPL 2.1
c3p0 LGPL 2.0
Eclipse project Eclipse Public License
Ganymede SSH 2 BSD 2
Dom4j BSD License
xStream BSD
Foxtrot BSD
Antlr BSD
Abeille Forms BSD
Simple Logging Façade MIT
jQuery MIT
launch4j BSD
izpack Apache 2.0
quartz Apache 2.0
Apache POI Apache 2.0
Code Generation Library Apache 2.0
Apache Commons Lang Apache 2.0
Spring Apache 2.0
jEXL Apache 2.0
Apache Commons beanUtils Apache 2.0
Ant Apache 2.0
Jakarta Apache 2.0
Apache Commons Collections Apache 2.0
Apache Commons Net Apache 2.0
Apache Commons Logging Apache 2.0
Apache Commons DBCP Apache 2.0
Apache Commons Digester Apache 2.0
Apache Commons Pool Apache 2.0
Apache Commons Codec Apache 2.0
Apache Commons Compress Apache 2.0

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19:31, 22 Jun 2016